Maxence de Bagneux is a workshop for the creation of sculptural and polymorphic ceramic objects.

Born of a passion for clay-based materials... The desire to learn ancestral techniques... To fashion the material...
From the craft to the work of art...
For getting hands-on with the project...

He uses totemic shapes as modular sculptural supports across a variety of themes: sculptures/objects/shapes/materials/raw/infinite/sensual...

Ensemble of modulable pieces in ceramic and wood

- 3 modules, ceramic black stone Small H20cm * D20cm
Medium H40cm * D20cm
Large H60cm * D20cm

- 3 modules, bonded laminated wood Small H60cm * D30cm
Medium H80cm * D30cm
Large H100cm * D30cm

Clamping cap in bonded laminated wood (30 * 15) Inner stem of threaded wood.

Each piece is signed and numbered.