Bertille Laguet is a designer graduated from ECAL. She is based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The designer's work isn't about drawing "flavor of the month" objects; It's about maintaining and renewing our gestural and material knowledge.

I refuse to encourage the law of least effort, the "easy way out" solutions that seem to be more and more implemented on a daily basis. With optimism and poetry, I believe in creating objects where the ease of use is as enjoyable as the result. With a touch of lightness, I want our objects to be a call for senses, manipulation being at the core of the experience. I am convinced of the importance the man's hand plays in design perceptions and decisions. It concerns the user, the craftsman, the industrial worker. Rather than fetching for an industrial aesthetic, I assume with honesty that trace left by the hand's passage, sign of a "human being" production.

I dream of objects that subscribe to a long lasting philosophy, that age but age well, coherent with their environment. Objects that suggest a kind presence we grow onto.