Steel structure 20 x 20 cm, powder coated black.
Mirrored glass, colors glass or iridescent blown by Mattéo Gonet.
Each piece is unique.

swiss made.

Edited by MOBILAB gallery.

Five pieces of the 2nd Souffle series are now part of the permanent collection of the new "Design Wing" at Shanghai Museum of Glass



Poetic and fascinating object , each bubble magnifies its support by its fortuitous presence , reminding the unexpected surprises of life.

The steel structures , powder-coated in black created from square-based tubes, call to mind by their ambiguous presence in space. They are geometric , but asymmetrical. They are stable , but seem precariously on their legs. They are volumes but look like flattened graphics .

Material flows freely and freezes according to its desires, blown glass bubbles appropriate their supports and play with them to bring their soul and their sweetness that perhaps lacked. This interaction increases the structures’ statures, sublimates them , but the glass bubble is also dependent on its support, without which it could not exist.

The object takes on a global dimension , between control and accident, between routine and unexpected.