Collection n°1 – Marmo Domestico

Designed by THEVOZ — CHOQUET

This collection aims to re(use) excess parts of industrially salvaged marble blocs in the quarries of Carrara. Bloc is proud to source locally resulting in a collection entirely Made in Italy, highlighting the craftsmen know-how and expertise from extraction to surface treatments of the final products.

The objects presented pay tribute to the material itself in a very concise and geometric way. Marble carries not only the idea of luxury and exclusivity, but prides itself to convey historical values and notions of technical achievements that are part of a long-lasting tradition of craftsmen.


Bloc is an Italian brand, founded in 2014 and directed by Sara Ferron Cima / Massimo Ciuffi (BLC Carrara srl), with the desire to transform natural stone into thoughtful everyday objects. Based on the philosophy that every single bloc(k) conceals a story, Bloc celebrates the natural design diversity of Carrara marble by creating objects that are sincere to modern form and function.