Born in Basel, Eliane Gervasoni lives and works in Lausanne, Switzerland.

She trained as a printmaker at the printing studio Aquaforte in Lausanne before moving into her own studio. Later she participated in several workshops on printing techniques with Walter Dohmen (D), Sandro Godel (CH), and Jim Butler (Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge/UK) amongst others. In 1999, she obtained the 1st prize at 19th Mini Print International in Cadaques, Spain.The same year she realizes a solo exhibition at Galery Taller Fort in Cadaques (Spains) where she exhibited around 30 carborundum prints. During her stay in Spain, she was one of the jurors of the Miniprint Int Cadaques competition.

This was followed by exhibitions in Spain, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic, UK, USA and Italy.

Eliane specialises in various printmaking techniques like etching, engravure, carborundum and collagraphs, embossing and multiples. From 2006, she moves progressively away from traditional engravure techniques through an experimental process working with industrial parts related to construction or other materials diverted from their original function. Lately, she specializes particularly in embossing and multiples.

In 2010, she presents at Tirage Limité, Palais de Rumine, Lausanne her first original artist book, Slowly nowhere, a limited edition of 3, embossed text by hand, 33 p. inspired by Silence, lectures and writings by John Cage.
The same year she realizes a variant of Slowly nowhere, a box of 45 embossed cards titled Moving messages.

Apart from printmaking, she is also active in drawing and photography. In 2011, photographs have been published by art magazines Lasso Magazin (CHD) and DoubleV.

In 2012, she took part at the exhibition Adresses, Gravures et images multipliées at Musée de Carouge in Geneva, with the project 204 - 211 Sunrise Lane, PA 19118, a tribute to Louis I. Kahn.

In 2013, a series of 10 drawings are exhibited in Italy, curated by Gasparelli Arte contemporanea, which is followed by a personal exhibition of original prints at E.S.F. Art & Design Gallery in Lausanne.

In 2014, she takes part at the exhibition Mais de quelle réalité parlez-vous ? in Lausanne. She presents 4 drawings (white ink on black card, 70x100 cm) Curated by Gasparelly Arte contemporanea and Patricia Lunghi. The same year she exhibits her drawings in Verona (I)

Member of Visarte Vaud (professional Artists Association)
Memer of likeyou.com, artist network
Board member of Aperti, Artist studio open week-ends in Lausanne 2011, 2012, 2013



2013 Galerie E.S.F Espace Saint François, Art contemporain Lausanne, Serial Compositions, a tribute du Louis Kahn 2010 Galerie Kunstkeller , art room Bern
2010 Galerie la Ferme de la Chapelle, Grand Lancy, Genève
2009 Galerie E.S.F. Espace Saint François, Art contemporain, Lausanne a tribute to John Cage
2007 Galerie E.S.F. Espace Saint François, Art contemporain Lausanne
2004 Espace Art, Gelterkinden / BL
2002 Galerie Shakan, Lausanne Ouchy
2000 Taller Galeria Fort, Cadaques , Espagne
1999 Chasse Galerie, Lausanne


2016 Artèria Galleria, Barcelona (Esp)
2014 Gasparelli Arte Contemporanea, bâtiment industriel de VER SAN à Verona (IT) Non ci sono che io con le mie chimere stasera, e un corpo stavo per dimenticarlo 2014 Bâtiment des Télégraphes, Flon Lausanne (CH) Curateur Gasparelli Contemporanea et Patricia Lunghi Mais de quelle genre de réalité parlez-vous ?
2013 Gasparelli Arte Contemporanea, Espace industriel Orciani (IT) Ah! la vita barocca pluriforme, a tradimento mi titilla piano
2013 Galerie E.S.F. Art contemporain (oct) Blanc avec Luc Aubort, Mathieu Bernard-Reymond, Mauren Brodbeck, David Curchod, Vincent Jendly, Thierry Kupferschmid 2013 Galeria Aqua Fortis Barcelona, (Esp) exposition de gravures
2012 Musée de Carouge, Genève, Gravures et images multipliées
2012 Museum Micromundi of Miniatures, Besalu, Spain exhibition winner prints 31 editions, Mini Print Int Cadaques (ESP)
2010 Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, USA
2010 Palais de Rumine, Lausanne tirage limité, Rencontre Romande du Livre d’artiste
2009 Galerie E.S.F. Espace Saint François, Lausanne, XXX
2008 Rochdale Museum and Art Gallery, Rochdale, UK, A new spirit in printmaking
2007 Salford Museum and Art Gallery,, Manchester UK, Good for Print
2006 Galerie Deset, Prag , Exodus
2005 Dampfzentrale Bern , Kesseltreiben Installation, performance
2003 Galerie Espacio Morges, Accrochages
2002 Fondation Marc Jurt, Vaumarcus Installation sur le thème Pompei
2000 Galerie l’Etang D’Art, Bagues (F)
1999 Taller Galeria Fort, Cadaques , Espagne Miniprint Internaçional
2010 Livre d’artiste slowly nowhere, édition originale, Var I, 3 exemplaires, reliure japonaise 33 pages, gaufrage 29 x 15 cm
2010 Boite slowly nowhere : moving messages , édition originale, Var II, 45 cartes, gaufrage 10 x 17 cm

2016 Bibliotheca nacional de Catalunya, Barcelona (IT)
2013 Réserve précieuse de la Bibliothèque Universitaire, Lausanne, Livre édtiton limitiée 3 ex. et boite Slowly nowhere 2013 Retraites populaires Lausanne
2013 Fonds des Arts plastiques de la Ville de Lausanne
2012 Collection Gymnase de Chamblandes, achat de 2 oeuvres

2016 Atelier et Intimité, Editions A l’Envers, Aperti X
2014/15 Double V no 7 Qu’est-ce qu’un livre ? Participation à l’édition avec le livre d’artiste slowly nowhere, édition originale limitée (3 ex) 2012 Lausanne Contemporain, Vol II , 566 p Edition Flac (Fondation lausannoise pour l’Art Contemporain)
2012 Magazine espaces contemporain, Publication de la gravure tone and silence
2011 Lasso Magazin, art magazine, Schauspiel (photo stagelight)
2011 Double V no 5, omnivore, 23x16 cm 80 p, Edition art&fiction (photo)