Presentation from 1 June until 31 July 2017

Between truth and illusion, the mirror is a fetish object of our daily life. A perfect vehicle of narcissism, it is an imitator, trickster, and revealer an object of reflection, of the abyss, even of divination...its reflection never univocal.

For the second opus of Editions Thématiques, MOBILAB Gallery has selected for its theme 9 talents of singular universes. Designers, artisans and artists suggest and explore the reflections we’ve inscribed upon our contemporary world. Oeuvre or object, shape or sphere, constructed or deconstructed, this surface modulates each of our encounters.

The projects are presented by MOBILAB Gallery as unique pieces or enumerated series, in collaboration with
Daniela Droz,
Mattéo Gonet,
Adrien Rovero,
Tonatiuh Ambrosetti,
Atelier Peekaboo,
Raphaël Lutz,
Bertille Laguet,
Jean- Baptiste Colleuille,
JeanPhilippe Bonzon.

In parallel, the exposition “Mirror, Mirror” to be held at MUDAC Lausanne from 31 May until 1 October 2017 will present “Structure” by Daniela Droz edited by MOBILAB Gallery, and “Look at Me” by Matteo Gonet.