Aluminum foundry, black paint
Dimensions: 500mm

Each piece is unique Edition of 6 copies + 4 E.A

Edited by Mobilab Gallery

How does one draw a black object ?

What shape, what volume, what texture to give it, to capture the light while obtaining different nuances?

My recent research in black foundry led me to reinterpret the mirror for Mobilab Gallery as part of the Face / Surface exhibition.

“Kuro,” which means black in Japanese, is a black mirror of different textures, rough or polished, which play with the absorption and reflection of light.

The volume of this piece offers two sides of meditative space: the eye passes from image to texture, from reflection to object.

Bertille Laguet's recent foundry work has been exhibited at the Chamber Gallery in New York. She has also been nominated for this year’s Swiss Design Awards.