MDT - hourglasses
HITO (images)

Blown glass, tinted glass beads
Dimensions (h) 56cm x (diam) 22cm
Edition of 8 ex + 2 A.P
Edited by Mobilab gallery


In a society where time is more and more exact and omnipresent, we forget to take time for contemplation. With our environments submerged by objects, we no longer take the time to appreciate them.

As silhouettes dressed in glass, the “Maitres du Temps” (Masters of Time) questions us on the perception of the time that passes and the value that we give it.

Aëda, Caïden, Fanir, Hito and Ifa comprise a series of asymmetrical hourglasses that dilute time with each manipulation.

Regrouped together or alone, they allow the flow of a unique measure of time while revealing a hidden feature masked within their confines. The moving beads captivate the gaze and hypnotize, inciting observation and appreciation of the object discovered in a vase or a glass. A space more empty, more full: the choice is yours.

Each hourglass is mouth-blown individually in a workshop near Neuchatel (CH).

They were created as 8 ex + 2 A.P per series by Mobilab Gallery.

Photography: Cyrille Verdon and Renaud Defrancesco