THEVOZ-CHOQUET bridge together aspects of contemporary thinking with a rational approach of product industrialisation and communication. Through self-initiated projects, collaborations or private commissions, Thévoz—Choquet embrace all aspects of product design development from initial investigation of an idea to complete creative solutions including photography and art direction.
During their year at ECAL, Joséphine and Virgile get accustomed to the luxury industry and its relationship to craftsmanship. They take on the opportunity to present work for renown brands such as Baccarat, Hermès and Christofle, while exhibiting their work in Paris, Brussels and Milan. Their common conception of work and complementary personalities encourage them to work together on projects ranging from sunglasses to lamps that they will showcase in Geneva, Lausanne, Milan and London.

Their work emphasises simple shapes, material diversity and their use in specific contexts.

JOSEPHINE CHOQUET — (born in France, 1989),

studied industrial design at La Cambre in Brussels, Belgium. In 2012 she moves to Switzerland to complete her Master of Advanced Studies in Design for Luxury and Craftsmanship at ECAL. Since 2014, she works as a freelancer for a range of international clients.

VIRGILE THEVOZ — (born in Switzerland, 1988),

studied industrial design at ECAL in Lausanne, Switzerland. He practiced alongside designers such as Sander Mulder and Monica Förster before completing his Master of Advanced Studies in Design for Luxury and Craftsmanship. He moved to London in 2014 and worked for Michael Anastassiades as a product designer.