Studio VJEM is a design-architectural studio founded in 2013. 

VJEM makes hand-made furniture in a small workshop based in Prague, Czech republic. Brothers Adam and Samuel Cigler and Světlana Koženova try to follow the interrupted tradition of high quality craft work that is based on respecting nature, classic technological methods of processing, a deep knowledge and respect to materials. They avoid agglomerated boards, plastic materials or chemical paint.


Porcelain set

This Porcelain set´s geometry refers to Czech cubism and also takes the inspiration from islamic art, especially with its endless geometrical patterns. The concept of the shape of each item is derived from geometry of the flower of the lily, which was then symbolized when transformed into the small bowl. 

The limited collection includes a Small bowl, Sugar bowl, Cup with Saucer, Teapot, Mug, Salad bowl, Dinner plate, Soup plate and Dessert plate. The producer is a Czech porcelain manufactory in small town Dubí, Czech republic.

Serving wooden boards

The culinary Art boards who are meant to be used as plates, cutting or serving boards come as a set of six illustrating a geometrical landscape from perspective view, the large board displays a topview on the same terrain.

The pattern was developed by transformation of a 3D terrain to 2D surface. They used walnut tree and ash veneer for inlay, the base is beech wood. Modern technology – laser cut was used for cutting the veneer.